Thanks for visting Az's #1 Mini Truck Dealer's website. Now introducing the alternative "side by side" thats sweeping the country.  Enclosed cab allows temperature controlled climate in any weather. A HUGE plus with an enclosed cab is a noticeable improvement in road noise and dust control.

For commercial and business use the fold down bedsides improves size and weight of the cargo to be moved. The optional hydraulic dump bed offers 1300 lbs. of lift to make the task easier. Ranches and Mini farms capitalize on the size of these trucks and their capabilities.


These versatile trucks accommodates the Rancher, Hunter, Dunner, Camper, jobsite worker, and the Week-end warrior.


User friendly operation, climate controled cab, multi use bed, power steering, air condition, and great looks all add up to a new way of looking at the future of ATV'S. Open the door to new adventure today.



Veiw our current inventory and watch the video presentation of these mini marvels by clicking on the select buttons to the left.

All mini trucks includes Az. title.